So my dad said this to me recently.
“Since when did you become so cheapskate”
I was telling him I don’t spend money on food and I wasn’t going to spend money to buy something.
(I forgot what the something was.)
And then he called me a cheapskate… I was a bit annoyed.

But I also took it as a chance to reflect so I went back to think about it. ‚Äč

My first question to myself was… Am I cheapskate?
So let’s work backwards.
This comment came about when I said I was getting something for free and that I’m not willing to pay for it. And thus, he thought I was being cheap.

Then I thought… ok fine. What if I waited for a deal to BUY the same item at $1…
Would he have thought of it as me being cheapskate?
The $1 deal would probably not be available all the time so I probably needed to wait …