After dropping out of school at 13 years old, Mr Pang started work as a kitchen helper in the 1960s to share his family’s financial burden. For 5 years he sold fruit at Sungei Road’s famed Thieves Market and later ran a Nasi Lemak stall at a coffee shop. He then progressed from running food stalls to operating and managing coffee shops and the food court business.

In 2002, Pang founded Koufu with the aim of preserving the unique Singaporean coffee shop culture. Today, Koufu is one of the most established and largest food courts operators and managers of food courts and coffee shops in Singapore.

Here’s a quick glance into the details of Koufu’s IPO.

You can find the prospectus here.

1. Koufu Profile

The company comprises 2 main business segments:

Outlet & Mall Management

The company operates 48 food courts, 14 coffee shops, 1 hawker centre and 1 commercial