Travel is often associated with relaxation, adventure and fulfilling wanderlust. However, amidst the positive associations we have with vacationing abroad, there are also stressors that can put a damper on our trips. Unexpected accidents, medical issues, trip cancellations and lost baggage are all common worries that creep to the forefront of our mind as our trip gets closer. In fact, around 9 out of 10 Singaporeans have relied on a travel insurance policy to quell these anxieties. But while purchasing travel insurance can be prudent, there may actually be times when it may not be beneficial. Below, we explore when you should consider buying travel insurance—and when you can consider skipping it.

Trips to New Destinations

While travelling to new countries is exhilarating, new languages, different cultures and unfamiliar local laws can become overwhelming when facing an emergency. If you are travelling to a destination you haven’t previously visited,