Below is a chart that I have made to show where the current yield of some of the SReits lies on the spectrum of their past 3-5 years historical yields.

Although most of the SReits are off their recent highs, their current yields are still on the lower half of the spectrum. (How to see this : High Price, Low Yield and vice versa, assuming same DPS).

Just to quote some examples,

Ascendas – 5.8% current yield, 35% on the spectrum (0%-lowest yield (5.1%)and 100%-highest historical yield(7.2%)) CapitaMall – 5.2% current yield, 31% OUE Commercial – 6.9% current yield,  43% Suntec Reit – 5.4% current yield, 22%

Among the SReits that I researched on, only SPH Reit and Starhill Global are on the upper half of spectrum, with CapitaRetailChina coming close to the 50% mark …