Company Name:  Xiaomi Corporation

Exchange: Hong Kong Exchange

Market Cap: HK$ 380.4 Billion (USD 48.5 Billion)

IPO Price: HK$ 17.00

Xiaomi Corporation made history by being the largest IPO on the Hong Kong Exchange this year. However, the IPO is matched with tons of bad media coverage, resulting in a very pessimistic view of the company. Here are five things you might want to know about Xiaomi Corporation Ltd before you invest.

  1. Business

According to the company, Xiaomi sees itself as a software company.

Source: Xiaomi Corp’s IPO

The company started out with selling high-quality smartphones at an affordable price. It wanted to bring electronic devices down for its consumers. One of the ways it is doing it is by selling direct to consumers, through its e-commerce channels and its offline stores.

Typical smartphone brands still sell through the telecommunication providers, thus that is a different business …