Today, as at 27 June 2018, Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) is trading at RM 8.88 a share. It is an 18.4% decline from RM 10.88 a share recorded two months ago on 22 May 2018.

Source: Google Finance

You may ask:

  1. What happened to Maybank?
  2. Should I buy, hold, or sell Maybank shares?
  3. How do I avoid buying Maybank shares at RM 10.88 in May 2018?

For a start, a sharp fall in prices of good stocks are always a welcoming sight to value investors. They present opportunities for value investors to invest & accumulate shares of good stocks at lower prices, and thus, improving return on investment (ROI) of their stock portfolio. As such, the next few questions would then be:

  1. What is a good stock?
  2. Is Maybank a good stock?

I believe the definition of a good stock varies from one individual to another.