I’m back from my “holiday” in Thailand and can get back down to typing properly.
It wasn’t really an active trip, we just hung around some shopping centers looking for food and basically doing nothing. We didn’t do any sight seeing. It’s rather a getaway from Singapore instead of a trip to explore Thailand…

Anyway, on to my post for today.
I’m not sure about most people. But for me, I like to keep a constant balance in my life.
A balance of overall happiness.

I’ve realized, for myself, I’m most happy/contented when things stabilize.
But when that happens, then I get bored and I try to do something else in an attempt to increase my happiness, then things will destabilize and I get a bit stressed out then work towards another level of stability then I get contented again, then I get bored again and the cycle continues.

I’ve come to a conclusion that actually, I …