Koufu Group Limited, an operator of food courts and coffee shops, made its debut on SGX on 18 Jul 2018 at IPO price of $0.63.

Its industry peer,  d, is also a relatively new company on the stock exchange. It got listed on 20 Mar 2017, at a price of $0.25.

As two listed players with an almost identical business model, it makes an interesting case to compare and contrast their business in a bid to determine which is a better-quality company.

In this article, I will be comparing the FY17 results for both. Kimly’s figures will be obtained from its annual report, while Koufu’s info will be extracted from its IPO prospectus.


Kimly Limited operates and manages 60 coffee shops and 4 industrial canteens under the ‘Kimly’ and third party brands, and 4 food courts under ‘Food Clique’ brand.

Under its Food Retail division, it …