One very common question that I get a lot is about how should we allocate with a few very competing financial goals.

And I hope today in this short article, I give you some ideas how to work this out.

The problem I feel is that there is excessive tidbits about what you should do:

  1. You should build an emergency fund
  2. You should invest in a STI ETF
  3. You should set aside for investment
  4. You should put your money into Singapore Savings Bonds
  5. You should top up your CPF SA
  6. You should pay off your home loan early

When it adds up, it can be very confusing.

Which one to do first?

How do you rank one above the other?

Now let us break this answer into 2 parts, the Wealth Foundation and Advance Wealth.

Wealth Foundation: Implement whatever Increases your Net Worth

I have a series on my site …