Are you one of those asses during exams. You finish the exam paper super early. Like in a 3 hour paper, you are able to finish it in 1 hour and you make a great show of flipping the paper loudly, then tying up the paper, or stapling the paper.
And then you lie on the table or fidget in the chair like there’s nothing to do and act all bored?

I’m sure in school, you’re either one of those who do this, or you’ve seen someone who’s done this.
And it’s super annoying, especially to those who are struggling in the paper.
And these folks, you know it’s not an act, cos they will do well in the paper.
It stresses other people up. Cos others may be wondering how can this guy do the paper so quickly when they themselves are struggling to finish the paper on time.

You see… I was one of …