Greetings, new and returning readers! It’s been over a year from when I last posted on this site about my investing journey with POSB Invest Saver. Since then I have taken a more active approach to investing, so nonetheless I give my thanks to all my returning readers who have followed me on my investing journey so far!

With so much volatility observed in the STI Index year-to-date so far, my portfolio has taken quite a beating with several poor entry and exit positions in cyclical industries (like tech). Going forward I will not hesitate to take profits and re-balance my portfolio.

Security No. of Shares Market Price Market Value ($)
DBS 100 26.75 2675
Mapletree Logistic Trust 1600 1.26 2016
Singtel 600 3.21 1926
Mapletree Industrial Trust 500 2 1000
AimsAmp Capital Industrial Reit 700 1.41 987
First Reit 700 1.29 903
Keppel DC …