– the hype in the space has been mostly cleared imo

– most of the quick flipping degens have either rage quit, or are down at least -50% from capital (stuck, refusing to book a loss)

– BTC and ETH looks great to me (I am contrarian)

– ETH looks much better FA and TA wise

– BTC has the better branding, and will be the 1st port of call for fresh funds (retail and institutional alike)

– my play on the majors is buying ETH to front run the ETH/BTC pump that will eventually come (could be months or quarters away)

– ETH/BTC looks insanely delicious at the 0.055 ratio that it sits on now

– if ETH/BTC ratio doesn’t hold, I’ll be in a world of pain for a long time, til ETH can push out protocol upgrades (and that is the month or quarters away)

– …