I received 2 questions on dividend investing and cash flowing for financial independence question and I would try to address them here.

These questions were sent to me as part of my organizing Investors Exchange 2018. And while I am not always in the best position to answer, I will try my best where I can.

Its even more awkward when the questions are on my friend B‘s The Evolution of Dividend Strategy presentation.

So here are the questions:

  1. Brian Halim’s strategy is to buy stocks with 6% Dividend and 4% Growth. Over what period is the 4% growth measured? That 4% will be past performance right?
  2. Brian Halim achieves FI when his dividend income matches his expenses. However his portfolio is 100% stocks. During an economic downturn, dividends might be affected. How can we handle that? If we switch to safer assets like bonds, the yield might not …