I look around Singapore. We’re known to be a green city.
There’s greenery all around. It’s quite pleasing to the eye.
When I come back from overseas. I take a Grab or cab back, and I see the rows of trees along the PIE or ECP.
It’s pretty…

If you ask Singaporeans, do they enjoy the trees, I think many people would say it’s nice.

Now, let’s ask again. If you could pay 5-10% less tax and we sacrifice those trees.
How many Singaporeans would want to pay less tax?
I think a lot more people wouldn’t want those trees.
All these greenery in Singapore has a cost. Maintenance costs money. It comes from our tax dollars.

Ok, maintenance also creates jobs and creates more tax dollars so there’s some additional benefit to having these trees.

Similarly, if you look around your estate, there’s trees and parks.
Now what if we get rid of those trees and you can pay less …