< BACK TO MAIN BLOG 8th August 2018 Turns caffeine into digestible finance content. You can contribute your thoughts like Ming Feng here. Singaporeans are the “complain kings” of Southeast Asia

According to a study done on online shopping aggregator, iPrice, Singaporeans are 20% more likely to complain than our Thai counterparts.

Of the many things we complain about, the frequent topics are:

Influx of foreigners Politics SMRT Inconsiderate people/ drivers on the road Increasing costs of living

A better illustration of the ever increasing cost of living will be this video:

The main issue with the boy in this video is that he puts all his savings into a Piggy Bank. Hence, when he was slapped with a price increase for the telescope he was aiming for, he could not afford it.

Determined not to commit the same mistake, we put money in the bank