“One in two Singaporeans aged 65 today is expected to live beyond 85, and one in three will live beyond 90.

“Tripartite Workgroup on Older Workers to look into whether changes are needed on the retirement age of 62 and re-employment age of up to 67, and if so, when they should be made. 

“It will also relook the impact of Central Provident Fund contribution rates on retirement adequacy of older workers.”

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Reader says…
“I know one person in Singapore who could not care less about this review. LOL.”

Who? Who?

What I want to draw fellow Singaporeans to is the first line of this blog.

What? You speed reading and missed it?

Go see the numbers again.

And what is also important to note is the word “today“.

People are living longer and 10 years from now, people aged 65 would probably be living even longer …