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Part 1: Arrival @ Yogyakarta, Dinner @ Superman Restaurant, 2D1N Hiking

Part 2: Goa Jomblang (Heaven’s light), Goa Pindul (Cave tubing)

Part 3: Borobodur Temple, Nglinggo Tea Plantation, House of Ramiten, Malioboro Street

We’re down to the last day of my Yogyakarta trip before we fly back to our sunny island the next day. Here’s Day 5 of my trip and my activities for the day. I’ll also be posting my itinerary details and expenses breakdown at the end of my post. If you want me to show you the money right now, click here!

Day 5

We woke up super super early at 3am to leave our hotel and headed to Borododur temple. When we reached there, our driver had already bought the tickets for us. It was still pitch black and we had to carry a torch while walking up knee-high steps to