I have said many times before that we should start saving money and investing for income as soon as possible.

If time is on our side, the journey to financial freedom is likely to be less demanding.

This led me to say that everyone should start young.

The younger we start saving and investing for our retirement, the easier it is going to be.

Imagine a 25 year old investing S$650 a month. 

Let us say his investments give a 5% dividend yield. 

Let us say he re-invests the dividends.

How much would he have by age 65?

A cool $1,000,000!

The problem with this narrative is thatolder readers who have yet to start their journey or have recently started on their journey sometimes get discouraged or even depressed after reading this.

Of course, what I always tell them is that they are just starting later.

Not late but later.