It crops up now and then.
Like the Joseph Schooling thing, or now the Ben Davis thing…
Or when Singapore wanted to be in the World Cup…

Ok… so I understand how the system works and why they do it. Like, if they allow people to start deferring over all kinds of different matters, then they expect to open the flood gates for many other people to do so.
That’s only partially true.

If people only looked at just results, then companies like Facebook, Tesla, would have failed miserably.
That’s the thing isn’t it.
Sometimes, we have to look at the potential of something. And I think it’s really lacking.

A lot of us, or even the system. Wants returns so so badly, that they aren’t willing to make the “investment”, time, energy, money, to foster and nurture their seeds.
That’s what some types of investment are. Like private equity. They are moon shots. One in a million. But …