ComfortDelGro released its 2Q18 earning on 10th Aug 2018 with the headline as

Revenue for the quarter increased by 5.4% (vs 2Q17)
Group operating costs increased by 6.5% (vs 2Q17)
Group operating profit fell by 2.1% (vs 2Q17)
Net profit decreased by 5.5% (vs 2Q17)

Not something fantastic or surprising as we saw drop in operating and net profit.  Some might deemed that as a set of negative result.  Now this is what it is stated in the 2Q18 earning report however if we took another perspective to analyze the result, things look totally different.

The following is a record of ComfortDelGro Operating and Net Profit for successive quarters from 1Q17 till 2Q18.

Period Operating Profit Diff Net Profit Diff
1Q17 100.5M 82.5M
2Q17 111.9M +11.4M 79.4M -3.1M
3Q17 111.5M -0.4M 80.1M +0….