This should be my last post for the month! CZM and I (together with her family) will be flying over to New Zealand this Saturday :)

Current Profile: 28 years old male planning to get married this year and is still living with his parents

You can read more about how we manage our finances here. Removing our shared expenses which come out of our mutual fund (KPO Expense Fund), my expenses for July would be $3,169.84 – ($1,943.80 / 2) = $2,197.94.

Banquet – We started making monthly installment payments to the hotel in order to avoid the lump sum pain.

ROM (Registry of Marriages) – This is important! We read horror/funny stories of how couples forgot to file a notice with ROM within the deadline. The earliest you can file is 3 months in advance and the latest you can file is 3 weeks before your wedding date. Apparently, you can check …