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The Forever Fallacy (Get Rich Slowly)

“The key thing to understand is that everything changes. You change. Your circumstances change. The people around you change. Nothing is forever. The challenge then is to balance this concept — everything changes — with living in the present. You must learn to enjoy today while simultaneously preparing for possible tomorrows.”

What if though something changes? Are you prepared for that change? Nothing stays constant forever. And that is something we need to provide some food for thought.

When Earning $1 Million A Year Isn’t Enough To Retire Early (Financial Samurai)

“the desire for money and prestige tends to corrode lives after a certain point. Once you make over $200,000 as an individual or $350,000 as a family, there is no additional happiness that accrues from making more money. Instead, lifestyle tends to deteriorate due to longer hours at the office,