I’m really glad to be back after 9 days overseas.
Many people would probably think, “Woah so shiok, ERSG always travels around, really retired liao sia!”
But that’s only partially true. I don’t really go with the mentality that it’s a holiday.
It’s a trip to accompany my wife with a couple of free days as holidays. It’s not free, we have to pay for my flight and food, so I always try to eat some simple stuff. Like breads and cheap foods from the supermarket. Only when I’m out with my wife do I eat something nicer.

And when I’m traveling once every 2 weeks. It’s really not as fun as it sounds.
‚ÄčTravel was fun when it happened once every quarter. I wrote about that before.
But that was when I was working. So I was stressed, I always wanted/needed a break and a break once every 3 months is really fun. I’m sure …