I’ve been working full time ever since I graduated. It’s been close to 5 years and I want a break from the generally uninspiring routine.  I’ve worked in 4 organisations so far… and am dreaming of quitting soon.. for not another organisation, but a sabbatical this time.

It is my fantasy to take a sabbatical (most likely voluntary unemployment) from full-time work at age 30 and experience early retirement life for myself. The time off from full time work is ideally at least 6 months to a year. Why age 30? No real reason except that it sounds like a cool life milestone.

To date, I have about 10x annual living expenses in liquid networth.

What’s stopping me though? Generally:

– fear of murdering my resume (seen as more of a serial job hopper and a corporate flake)

– fear of not being able to land …