PM Lee shared some tips during his NDP Rally Speech this year (2018). While I applaud the government for some of their initiatives – Medishield Life and CareShield – which I find are fantastic improvements, many of the tips that our dear PM shared didn’t seem to be particularly useful for middle-income households like mine.

Here’s a summary of PM Lee’s tips:

To save money on utilities:

  • Be mindful of water and electricity usage
  • For lower income families, U-Save rebates are provided to help offset some of the costs

To save on mobile phone expenses:

  • Watch your data usage and download using home Wi-Fi instead of 4G
  • Tap on Wireless@SG when it is available outside

To save on infant milk formula

  • Breastfeed
  • All infant formulas sold in Singapore meets the nutritional needs of the children and brands should not matter

For cheaper food options

  • Look for economical options. Stalls in …