Source: Pimco

For the past week, I’ve been conversing with a reader with a very unique financial situation. I’ve summarised the key points below (keeping his identity totally anonymous for obvious reasons):

He is a new investor He is in his 40s, earns about S$5.5k a month, spends S$2k for his son’s therapy monthly Works shift work of about 12 to 36 hours each time Looking at a 4% – 6% yearly payout for his investments, with a minimum of 4% Currently on CIMB fast saver (1.0% p.a.) Thinking of buying 100 lots of Lion Philips SREIT ETF (S$10,000) to start off, with a monthly investment plan into Mapletree Commercial Trust (S$100 to S$200 monthly) Plan to leave the shares to his son in future, who does not have the capacity to manage the shares.

From this profile, it is very clear he has been through a lot of hardship in