This dedicated post is for those that went over to support Simple Investor and I at Invest Fair!

It was a great success! Thank you for coming!

Feedback from the crowd are taken seriously. Simple Investor and I will continue to improve in order to provide the best for subscribers.

Anyway, interestingly, this event also open my eyes to the 4 different group of investors.

1. The Informed Ones

There are many uncles out there who just invest in REITs and dividend-paying stocks. They explained to me, because of their age, they just want to collect dividends.

I am not against this way of investing. But in my opinion, it will be still good to diversify 10% or even up to 20% of your portfolio in other companies.

2. The Newbies 

There were also many people who want to learn to invest or want to invest. Some were at a loss …