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Type “Millennials are…” into Google search, and you’ll bring up a host of popular stereotypes of the generation that everybody loves to hate. Millennials have been labelled lazy, entitled napkin-killers who are constantly tethered to their mobile devices; and more recently, as the oldest millennials reach their 37th year in 2018, they’ve even lost the satisfaction of being able to call themselves young.

Millennials, who are largely categorized as those born between 1981 and 1996, have certainly received a lot of attention.

Much of the focus has been on millennials in America, however. What about those who reside in our own little red dot? Here’s how Singaporean millennials compare to their counterparts around the world:

How do Singaporean millennials compare against other countries at work?

When it comes to work, do stereotypes about lazy, slacker millennials hold up?

Not in Singapore, at least: …