During his speech at the National Day Rally 2018, our Prime Minister announced the new VERS (Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme) which allows HDB owners to sell their flats en bloc to the government before the lease expires.

Since I am not doing my podcasts here to garner election votes, we can go straight to the point to unveil all the beautiful misunderstandings of HDB flats in this episode. Do take note that what I am going to say may not be what you like to hear. Because the naked truth is often disturbing and unpleasant.

Below are the six thoughts I have covered in the video:

1. Resale flats are only worth what buyers are willing to pay.

2. An HDB flat can be a depreciating liability, not an asset.

3. Understand the real meaning of “buying a home” in Singapore.

4. Buy HDB or not is completely your choice.