Is the answer so difficult?
Now, there’s a lot of ways to look at this though…
Is the state of not being unhappy equal to being happy?
Is contentment considered happy?

For example, if I can’t get a good nights sleep, I’ll be kinda irritated the next day and tired.
I’d definitely prefer a good sleep as compared to not good sleep.
But that’s one day…
If I don’t have good sleep for 1 month… would I be just irritated or plain unhappy?

If I’m hungry today, I’m just on a diet.
If I’m on diet for 1 month, I’d feel life isn’t really worth living. And that’s a diet by choice.
If I’m hungry cos I cannot afford food… then I’m quite sure I won’t be happy.

So how can we define happiness?
Cos after a while, we take for granted things that make us happy.
If we remove some of these things, I’m sure most of us would not be happy.

If …