I ask myself that sometimes.
I have no answer for it.

For people who don’t know my story and background, I live a very normal life.
I own an HDB, car, go traveling a lot, go out eat as per normal.

My monthly spending isn’t particularly low. Together my wife and I spend somewhere between $3k-$4k per month. Pretty much like other family.

And I tell myself… Oh if my wife doesn’t work, our expenses will drop. But that’s the same for everyone. After retirement, most people will see decreased expenses.

But yet, I am frugal. For most basic things, I spend less than most people. But if we include our “luxuries”, especially me following her on her biz trips, then we aren’t better off than any other family. Every other family has their own version of “luxuries”.
And these luxuries cannot exist without someone working.

As an individual, I can probably survive indefinitely. The house is settled …