< BACK TO MAIN BLOG 6th September 2018 Turns caffeine into digestible finance content. You can contribute your thoughts like Ming Feng here. Financial Bloggers and how they will invest their first S$10,000

Not so long ago, we asked 4 financial bloggers on how they will suggest our readers on spending their first $10k.

The suggestions include the Straits Times Index, Blue-chip stocks and also Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs).

Here’s a quick comparison that can help you with your decision, should you be looking to invest in the SSB.

In this article, we guide you through everything you need to know about the Singapore Savings Bond:

Interest rates of Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) for the month of October 2018

The interest rate for Singapore Savings bond changes every month, depending on the bond that one invests in. One can check out the details of the bonds using