If you’re Singaporean you’re no stranger to the terms ‘tolong let me strike 4D’ amongst family members, Aunties and Uncles. They make up part and parcel of our usual Singaporean talk. Some people buy Toto and 4D for the hopes of making a million dollars one day. Others do it just as a pastime.

Personally for me, I bought Toto only once in my life and that was my Secondary school friends in my late teens. Later, I got interested in the financial markets and I remembered picking up a couple of books containing advice, quips and wisdom from Charlie Munger.

If you don’t know Charlie Munger by now, he’s the billionaire side kick of everybody’s favourite Uncle: Warren Buffet.

One of Charlie’s famous one liner quips is: ‘I wouldn’t bet $100 against house odds between now and the grave.’

Since then, whenever my parents would talk about the casino, I’ll happy quote him and say: …