It’s kinda the hot topic now.
Is it time? Is it gonna happen? The long awaited market correction?

Some of my investment have seen relatively large drops. But I’m ok with that. In the larger scheme of things, it’s not too bad.

I’ve seen market rises and falls…
The main question is… Will there be contagion?

If there’s no contagion, it’s likely the market will drop 10%-20% then recover as the respective governments take corrective measures and get aid. This is a highly likely scenario.

IF there is contagion, then there’s a chance that 1997 may happen again. Mainly large market movements in emerging markets with some effect on the developed markets.
This is possible but less likely cos there’s a lot of potential aid running through the system. The current world economy is running on patchwork. If there’s a problem, just fix it with more loans. It’s not optimal, but it is what it is.

So… Place …