I watched a recent Hong Kong TV programme about buying properties in Malaysia’s Penang.

It was a big surprise to see real estate in Penang being positioned as investment properties. To Hong Kong people, Penang is a beach holiday destination in Southeast Asia similar to resort places like Phuket or Bali. Foreigners go there to buy their holiday or retirement homes.

How could marketers convince buyers that holiday homes are investment properties no different from high end condos in capital cities?

Let’s try to summarize the six common gimmicks that marketing agents deployed to sell real estate projects overseas.

Gimmick #1: Be overly upbeat on economic performance and outlook

During the interview, the spokesperson from a property agency in Penang speaks highly of Malaysia’s economy.

“Malaysia is a young and vibrant country, with a high population of young people and high annual growth in GDP …”

It gives the impression that