3Q 2018 is a pleasant quarter for me as all of my companies paid its dividend. 

Yes, that’s right all.

And that makes me smile.
Not forgetting AA REIT in September and FEO in July. 


But I guess they’re all good doses of panadol for now as my portfolio is taking a beating from Mr Market. 


Having that said, I believe most readers would easily identify and knows that I’m very much looking forward to receiving the payout from SingTel in mid-August. The payout received from SingTel is the largest single payout I’ve ever received till date and stands at almost 30% of my entire dividend received in 2018.

I’ve been increasing my exposure significantly to SingTel, from a small position to a really big one in terms of my portfolio. But to be fair, 1,000 shares of SingTel means totally nothing to many. 

But for a pico-sized portfolio like mine,