Hi guys. I wanted to blog only after I’m settled down at work and with my life event but I needed an outlet to complain and release my pent-up unhappiness.

So, I mentioned that I’ve changed job. It hasn’t been a month and I’m still adjusting myself. I’m still enjoying my honeymoon stage since I’m new, though it’s not like I’m not working la…just that in comparison to others who worked longer, my full load hasn’t come in yet. I’m lying low for now given that I’ve my wedding to prep for.

Within these few weeks here, I’ve some thoughts on this job and here goes:

The Good

Higher monthly salary than before albeit just a few hundreds more (better than staying put…) Cheaper transport than before (~$1 saving/day) Don’t need to bring work home FOR NOW More capable bosses and seemingly, their Senior Management than before
The BadNot much increase in annual package …