Has it really been 10 years since the Global Financial Crisis?

Time really flies.

What triggered this blog post?

Messages from two readers.

Reader #1 says…
First Reit dropped quite a bit recently.

Not sure if it is due to rising interest rates.

Am thinking of buying more for retirement income.

What is your view? Thanks.

AK says…
I have not been paying attention but it is probably because I am not thinking of adding.

Reader #2 says…
BTW i was looking to increase my shares in first Reit but Cloudy Outlook On Sponsor Ownership for them made me feel wary.

not sure will it be market noisy or a good opportunity.

current price was my entry price years ago.

AK says…
I haven’t been paying attention to First REIT much because my entry prices were so low. ????

Of course, regular readers know that no matter how sneaky they are, they cannot out sneak AK.

Trying to get me to tell you to buy or to sell? …