Has it really been 10 years since the Global Financial Crisis?

Time really flies.

What triggered this blog post?

Messages from two readers.

Reader #1 says…
First Reit dropped quite a bit recently.

Not sure if it is due to rising interest rates.

Am thinking of buying more for retirement income.

What is your view? Thanks.

AK says…
I have not been paying attention but it is probably because I am not thinking of adding.

Reader #2 says…
BTW i was looking to increase my shares in first Reit but Cloudy Outlook On Sponsor Ownership for them made me feel wary.

not sure will it be market noisy or a good opportunity.

current price was my entry price years ago.

AK says…
I haven’t been paying attention to First REIT much because my entry prices were so low. 😛

Of course, regular readers know that no matter how sneaky they are, they cannot out sneak AK.

Trying to get me to tell you to buy or to sell? …