I was reading Mr15HWW’s recent post

When I got to quality of life… these words resonated with me.
I was thinking… how IS my own quality of life?
My own and our own quality of life.

We have enough to spend and save.
We have all the necessities in the house.
We aren’t overly stressed.
We travel often, it’s both a plus and a minus, cos it’s somewhat disruptive to our daily lives but yet we capitalize on it and try to make the best of it.
We get good healthy home cooked food daily.
We get to eat out as and when we feel like it, but we usually don’t go out anyway.
We are both considered healthy enough, could be fitter but… probably healthy enough…
We have a car… it’s expensive but… nvm let’s not talk about that.

What’s there to complain about?
Then I think about others… what’s the difference?
Most people have a similar quality of life, but slightly different.

They …