In Singapore, basic health insurance needs are covered under the CPF Medishield scheme, you can upgrade your basic Medishield Life to private insurers for better coverage. These plans called private Integrated Shield Plans (IPs).

In this article, I will explain what Medishield Life is and how the integrated shield plans work.

What is Medishield Life

It was called MediShield, which was a basic medical insurance scheme designed to help with large hospitalisation bills as well as certain outpatient treatments at approved medical institutions. It targets Class B2 and C wards and subsidised treatment in public hospitals.

In 2013, Medishield was revamped and renamed as Medishield Life. It is now a compulsory healthcare insurance scheme which covers all Singapore citizens and permanent residents for life.

You can find out the improvement of Medishield Life here, but the coverage is still targetted by government B2 wards and below.

What if you want better …