We had our first ever company tour at Centurion Corp last Saturday (8th Sept 2018) and it was really an eye opener!

In fact, we were all wow-ed by the generous hospitality of the whole Centurion committee. To check out the pictures and amazing experience we had, click the link here.

For a quick background, Centurion Corp Ltd (SGX: OU8) owns and operates workers and student accommodation assets, as well as a storage disc manufacturing business. Its workers accommodation assets are managed under the Westlite brand while its student accommodation assets are managed under the dwell brand.

As at 9 September 2018, the Group owns and manages a portfolio of 27 operational accommodation assets totaling around 55,148 beds. With projects currently under development and undergoing asset enhancement works, the Group’s portfolio is expected to increase to 68,414 beds by FY2020.

Next up, we delve deeper into the company based on the insights garnered from the company visit …