I push out mostly crypto content these days, but I remember the good ol’ days when I talk about squeezing blood from rocks to make your money work for you.

I made a post about the best place to park your money, and though it is a bit outdated, I’m glad to say that the Citibank Maxigain account that I have strongly recommended people to consider is chugging along very well. Based on the interest I received last month, the annualized return is 2.48%.

Even CIMB, who is well-known for usually having one of the best fixed deposit rates in town is only able to offer 1.84% for a 12m tenure in their recent promotion.

And mind you – the Citibank Maxigain is NOT a fixed deposit. It’s a savings account. You can withdraw anytime you want.

The interest rate market is FINALLY moving up, after years …