Reader says…
Morning AK, as you get older, will you consider to be more defensive in your portfolio?

Means shifting more to SSB, CPF etc instead of blue chip stocks for example?

Just in case touch wood financial crisis then your portfolio less time to recover.

Appreciate your thoughts as always. ????

AK says…
I guess your question is about reducing volatility in our investment portfolio.

Well, for most of us, that should be the job of our CPF savings. ????

Why do I say “for most of us”?

Remember my blog on “unless we are very rich”?

Too defensive an investment portfolio and the returns would be compromised too much and might not be meaningful enough for us to have a comfortable retirement.

Again, this is “for most of us”.

For those who have plenty of money sloshing around, they don’t have to be as particular. ????