Owning a dog is like owning a child, except you have to take care of it for its entire lifetime.

A child can take care of you once they have grown up. However, owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and their lifespan is about 20 years or less.

So before making any impulse decisions to buy or adopt a puppy, know you have to commit to it for 20 years.


TL;DR, Adopting a Dog VS Buying a Dog

Save Almost $2,000 When You Choose To Adopt Instead Of Buying A Pet Dog In Singapore

Buying A Pet Dog

  • Cost: At least S$1,000

We all know that this is going to cost us at least S$1,000. It does give us the freedom to choose our “dream dog” but whether or not the breeder is ethical or not, is a question for another day.

Try not to buy a dog as purebred dogs usually come with more health complications compared to a stray dog like a mongrel which is a chapalang breed …