Reader says…
We were talking about the CPF during lunch and I said it is good passive income.

It is like investing in bonds and getting interest income.

Who said that?

Who? Who? Ha ha.

My colleague said he would not refer to CPF interest as passive income especially interest in MA.

He said anyone who says CPF interest is passive income must be twisting logic.

He insisted normal people will not think of CPF interest as passive income.

AK, you blur or not?

I very blur.

AK says…

You very blur?

I more blur than very blur.

However, that colleague of yours is the most blur of us all.

So, your colleague is normal and we are abnormal?


Alamak, I fell off my chair.

Interest income is income that is passive.

Interest income is passive income and it doesn’t matter if it is paid on our savings in our bank accounts or in our CPF accounts.