As usual, this should be my last post for the month before our big day! We will be having our 过大礼 (Guo Da Li – GDL) next week and it will be ten ten ten ten before we know it.

Current Profile: 28 years old male planning to get married this year and is still living with his parents

You can read more about how we manage our finances here. Removing our shared expenses which come out of our mutual fund (KPO Expense Fund), my expenses for August would be $3,008.64 – ($1,757.26 / 2) = $2,130.01.
Banquet – We started making monthly installment payments to the hotel in order to avoid the lump sum pain.

GDL – Bought some cakes from Pine Garden. To be exact, 25 boxes of cakes -.-” The most ridiculous part apart from spending hundreds on cakes is that the bride (CZM) is not allowed to eat any of the cakes although …