I know my blog has some reach beyond the shores of our tiny island nation of Singapore.

Remember how I received a not too glamorous award from a forum in China recently?

Once upon a time in China, Weibo says 铁公鸡AK 还好没结婚!

I would like to share a conversation I had with a reader from Hong Kong some time ago:

Reader says…
Hope you don’t mind a guy from H.K. dropping a line.

Indeed I used to stay in Singapore for a few years back 20 years ago.

As far as I know Singaporeans at that time liked luxury items, and home as well of course.

It is kind of having face, isn’t it?

Glad to find AK’s blog which share a different view from the majority (Forgive me, if this sounds offensive, on my poor English).

Personally I do agree with your mentality but I think You would appear a bit odd in the main stream? …