Yesterday (10th September), the richest man in China, Jack Ma has announced that he is retiring.

The Chinese billionaire would step down exactly a year from now, with CEO Daniel Zhang succeeding him.

Why would the richest man with the most valuable company in Asia want to retire?

With that much power in the most valuable company in Asia (not to mention all that money), why would Ma want to give it all up and retire?

The fact is that with great power comes great responsibility (thanks Spiderman!).

Even after retiring as chief executive officer of Alibaba to become executive chairman in 2013, Ma had to put in even more hours at work than before. In an interview with CNBC on 21 June 2017, Ma mentioned that he has spent 870 hours in the air, flying to countries to push the Alibaba towards globalisation in 2016 and he says that he may be spending around 1,000 hours in the air, visiting world leaders and companies …