Whenever I blog about the CPF, I must be prepared for some debate and it happened again last night.

I always welcome debates as long as they are civil and constructive.

Please don’t be rude.

Don’t tell people to get a rope and hang themselves, for example.

I am so sorry to have caused the reader so much angst. :(

Since following my blog upsets him, I will do him a big favor by blocking him.

I don’t usually block or ban readers from my FB page.

If I did it to you, you must have been pretty bad.

Don’t follow my blog.

Don’t worry. Be happy. :D

I am glad to share an example of a civil debate with another reader here.

Reader says… 
Our CPF removes choice.

One may suddenly need money for some valid reason eg temporary retrenchment but one will not be allowed to take out even a small sum to meet daily needs …