Suppose you are doing your Reservist and you hear a story from Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is one of the most popular specialists in the Brigade and always seems to be surrounded by men wanting to hear about his ridiculous escapades.

Today Uncle Sam describes a story of his last trip to Hong Kong.

In this last trip, Uncle Sam visited Temple Street and hired the services of someone who calls herself Mistress Akina (Based on 80s pop singer Akina Nakamori). After bringing her back to the hotel room, Mistress Akina first orders Uncle Sam to strip, and thereafter, she ties upĀ  while simultaneously humiliating him about the small size of one of his organs.

When Uncle Sam is tied up in bed, Mistress Akina proceeds to climb on top of him and takes a nice long crap on his chest.

Philosophical question for the reader from this scatological anecdote …